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IU School of Social Work: Submit your Biography

IU School of Social Work: Submit your Biography
For Alumni Website and for Use in the IUSSW News Magazine and/or the 2011 Centennial Book

If you are willing to let others read about yourself, please complete the form and hit submit. There is also a button below to attach a photo of yourself (optional) that we might use. If you have any questions, please contact Irene Weinberg at 317-578-7883 or at turtleindy@aol.com. Thank you.

First Name
Last Name
Current City
Current State

Where were you born and raised?
Did you have college experience prior to IUSSW? If yes, where, what did you study and what, if any, degree(s) did you earn?
How did you get interested in Social Work?
Were there any noteworthy happenings, faculty, or fellow students in your IUSSW experience that you would like to mention?
Where were your field work/practicum placements?
In what year(s) did you graduate from IUSSW, what degree(s) did you earn, and on which IUSSW campus(es)?
What Social Work positions have you held since graduating? (Please list in chronological order.)
To which professional organizations do you belong?
Have you received any social work related awards?
Is there a particular accomplishment in your social work career that you would like to share?
Would you like to add something about your family and/or your interests and hobbies?
Additional comments?
Upload your photo