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South Florida Scholarship Application

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South Florida Scholarship Application


First Name of Applicant
Last Name of Applicant
Name of Parent or Guardian
Street Address
Additional address info apartment number, etc.
ZIP/Postal Code:
Email By providing your email address, you are opting to receive emails from Indiana University.

Family Background

Number of children in family and ages
Number in family currently attending college

Applicant's Age and Educational Data

Date of High School Graduation
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High School Name
Rank in High School
SAT or ACT scores
Number in Class
Other Colleges Attended
Credits Earned
Planned major in college
Plans for the future after college graduation


Give specific information of any honors, awards, offices held, etc., during high school and college.
List activities and organizations other than school and your specific involvement.

Work Experience

Jobs held outside school hours and number of hours worked
Full time jobs held
From what other sources do you expect to receive financial help?

References and Essay

Name and phone number of two references (not related to the applicant) who would be willing to provide recommendations.
1st Reference
2nd Reference
Please write a short essay (100-300 words) about your experiences at IU, both academically and socially, and why you would recommend IU to a friend, family member or neighbor living in Florida.
You will aid the Scholarship Committee in its selection by giving us as much information as possible.